Drives me to insanity central sometimes, when a perfectly innocent story is played in reverse as if it’s one of them old records on a turntable. Why does the media have to jump in to every subject with the sole aim of making a totally different story from the original.

It’s no different to publishing a picture taken from a video clip which is depicting a scene that can be made to appear something that it’s not. It’s not respectful to the true story! Are we now in an era where the media no longer have to work damn hard for a great news story? appears to me that society is loosing out on so much of reality in the places we live. Instead of a great story which is new and fresh, and could be considered as a ‘scoop’, headline news, the ones all journalists would love to publish to the public, I only see laziness in the majority of the things I read, watch or listen too.

Such a shame that we allow the media to continue pulling every little story to pieces, then, rebuild it in to something different. Have we been blindfolded? has it happened so frequently that it’s become acceptable? I understand that there is always a background to every story, but it just seems that media reporting today, take a story or two, then get’s the public to analyse it to death, to the point that know-one can remember what the original story was about.

Does this kill the art of communication in our homes or work places?  or does it help? not convinced it helps at all, but just my opinion.


A level results, issued today, if some students don’t get the grades they thought they’d get, its spun in so many different directions and topics. Why can it just be that the students need to do better next time, open a book to study instead of going on-line, then copying what on the screen. There is a reason why exams are paper based in the whole, so you have to only show your understanding from brain to pen, hard to do if the brain didn’t learn much during the term.

But its everyone else’s fault, isn’t it, they are the reason/s for the person not doing well. Its this, it’s that.