Stood by the 7th floor windows looking down at my phone as it went ding, so, finger’s on the home button, you know, that great newish feature that lets you unlock it – that’s the one. This thing just wouldn’t unlock, I’ve had my issues with iPhones don’t get me wrong and I’m sure you have to,  but it’s usually due to a corrupt update or you accidentally on purpose drop it in the ocean or the toilet (Hmm thought it was only you doing this, only you that knew about this, na, been used for years!).

Couldn’t really see the screen properly as it was so bright outside, strange, for some unknown reason the sun is actually shinning here, very strange. So anyway, gave the screen the normal clean, you know, rub it on your chest a few times. Tried again, no joy.

Guess what, iPhone 4s’s don’t have this bloody feature DO THEY..ahhh but my 6 does, shouted a little as you do, thankfully I was alone  in an Emergency stairwell at the time, replacing lights. Imagine if someone else had been there and seen this, would have justified a ribbing  all day no doubt.

But don’t mind telling you after the fact, even stranger.