Honest to god, today has been one of the funniest days I’ve had in a long while. Over the past few weeks Ive stuck my nose in to something that technically has nothing to do with me. But, me being me, I got stuck in, conversations with the MP, Councillors and many others, all over a car park usage change. It really annoys me when the strong prey on the weak, and daily the strong flex rules – actually laws on people like you and I. I always follow the letter of the law, pay for some of my parking, apply pressure to the brakes  a little (well allot) when I approach a speed camera, you know, all the normal lawfulish stuff.

So, long story short, this car park does not have sufficient lawful signage as prescribed in legislation. Yet, the Council tip bollox to the rules and give confused motorists a PCN (Penalty Charge Notice) because they’re confused and didn’t realise that the rIMG_2281.JPGules had changed. I said to the list above, I can’t bat the same ball around forever, just put up lawful signage to give the motorists information (Permit holders Mon to Fri) instead of
whacking a hefty fine on their motors. I explained that its un-lawful, and issuing of PCNs at this site should be suspended immediately. What did they do? Look at the sign in the picture, bless them – seriously wonder about the people who are supposed  to know better.

Anyway, I fell off a road today and almost hit the deck laughing. Imagine this, lunch with your son, nice chat, pay the bill. Leave cafe and avoid walking in to an oncoming bus. Then half way over a decent size road, Seriously, I fell off it. These fcuking busses have worn the road away so much that there is actually a 8 inch step right where the white line is in the middle, imagine falling over fcuck all and wondering what the hell just happened. Naturally my son pissed himself, my reply, did you see that shit, just fell of the road WTF.


Funniest day honest.