Here’s my theory.

We have many sectors of people in our world, but to simplify my explanation let’s pretend for a bit that the UK is the world – but just because we’re pretending though doesn’t mean you can take this any less serious, ok.

Way I see it is this, we have US (You and Me) or (I and you) to be honest I’m no self-proclaimed pronunciation expert as you’ll undoubtably see as we move on. We have Bankers, hope I spelt Bankers correctly? please feel free to change any letter you wish as long as it’s the Capital one. Government, so a collection of  Politicians.

Us, have been programmed from birth to learn respect, do well at school, college and University. Get a job and pay for the absolute privilege to be a member of the UK. How much you pay in taxes depends mainly on how much respect you learnt as a child. With respect comes respect, and because respect is mainly always reciprocated you tend to do better on the pay scale then someone with less of it. Now let’s go in reverse for a while, being respectful earns the respect from your teachers, because your more open to new concepts and ideas, you can ask the silly questions in class and always get a thoughtful respectful answer in return. Pre School when you’re at home worried sick about the first day of school, do you remember your parents way of dealing with your anxiety, (hugs, its will be great, you’ll have so many friends, the teachers are really nice…) remember? and we trusted our parents and went to school, lo and behold everything was fine, now we like school. We trusted our parents because of the respect that was built up between us from day one.

(not sure if you did decided to use a different letter so left it blank just in case) _ankers, seriously I have no clue how you get to be a _anker, presumably you need to be fantastic at maths with maybe a degree or 2. You must need people skills because you’re handling all of US’s money, our life savings and wages, rainy day money for emergencies. You must need to be really good at Drama, this must be important because you need to play the part, dress the part and of course ACT the part. Acting the part is where I believe they get lost, why act, why try to be anyone else apart from themselves. If risks are taken with US’s money in say, a hedge fund or what ever springs to mind, I would always expect respect as a starting point, respectful of how many people who have come and gone and are here now working the unworkable contracts, working till its late at night then trying their hardest to get home before the kids go to bed. Respectful of the people holding down 2 or 3 jobs so they can earn enough money to feed their families, thats after the Tax and NI has been stripped away. So again in reverse.

Is respect shown for the people with 2 or 3 jobs when it comes to payments being a little late to their accounts, which is no fault of their doing?

Is Respect shown to all those that have come and gone and are here now, the people who have paid and paid and helped to make our country great and our homes home?

Is respect shown by you, the guardians of coloured numbers on your screens which is actually US’s money – when you play  and loose, when you play and win, when you take?

My respect deservedly goes to the US’s that work for you, the people who work in the banks, the non _ankers, the people just like me who try their best everyday so that you get to play with our coloured numbers disrespectfully.

Politicians, Got to be really well educated in a special school to get this type of job, not everyone is privileged enough to join this sector only a select few. This is where you meet other hopeful establishment like minded people.

I do have respect for the many (but not all) Politicians who try tirelessly to help US, but these are not the people who you see on the news everyday in the lime light, these are the people who are out there in the communities meeting and talking to US. Let me ask you a question, if you email any person in government directly, would you expect that person to receive your email? it’s basic respect isn’t it? same as the person with 2 or 3 jobs, if you email them they will see it on the train ride home, right? It’s guaranteed only one person will take the time to read your email, because some of them employ some of US to read it for them!

So many times Politicians play the political game, and you’re definitely invited to play this one, game is called (Election promises and Lies) and the crazy thing is that the politicians  don’t realise that we US’s, know we can’t ever win (shhh don’t spoil it for them), its all a very clever game about who can convince the most people (US’s) about all the bad things in our lives and that they want to make things better. They forget that they put us here, talking about the bad things  BECAUSE THEY PUT us HERE, seriously we’re not supposed to know how the game is played.

So lets reverse,

Is it respectful to intentionally promise US’s something that is un-acheivable just to win an un-winnable game?

So when I say Ive cracked it, I haven’t really because the most of US know the answer already.

RESPECT, RESPECT, RESPECT, without respect we are nothing, No respect = no credibility, no respect = no trust, because you must first be respected to gain an-others trust, Show respect get respect.

No respect we’re simply nothing!