Looking through my calendars and can’t find this, plenty of bank holidays are mentioned by no ‘National Stupid Day’.

But honestly, it should be there, really it should, because why else would so many things happen that fall in to the category and happen today?.

So I started my day by receiving a txt message with a couple of pictures and a few words. “Is this allowed”, so someone with a JCB and trailer decided to park in front of my building right on top of some drain covers. Let me explain, the building I’m referencing is actually a High-rise residential building and has a Cafe directly to one side of the main doors. So, this JCB driver must have remembered it was ‘National Stupid Day’ (Even though the entry has been omitted from of all calendars, but lets not be picky), and just pulled up with a 10 Tonne machine with a trailer and left it there, seriously, just left it there. No, the driver didn’t visit the Cafe before you ask, he simply parked it up and disappeared.

Next, I had to check the CCTV system, trying to understand why the foyer floor was so grimy and sticky, what do you think I found?, did you guess that a resident decided to open a jar of hotdogs in the early hours and pour the brine out and then try to kick it around a bit to hide it? bet not. So can you see why its a special day and the Calendars really need to be updated at some point (Note to self 15th August) a date to look out for, and make sure I’m on holiday next year.

Really Is National Stupid day! trust me.