1620818_614282878636806_2127560953_nA few weeks ago i was watching the news on BBC, shocking scenes in Nice where that brain dead fuckwit excuse of a human decided to kill all those innocent people who had gathered along a beachfront, to be together and share in the moment.

My thoughts a day later was ‘what are we doing to identify these idiots’, it occurred to me that the people who may know these crazies might just want to tell someone, just maybe, well that’s what I would like to believe anyway. So how would someone with information be able to get the information to the authorities in a way that would have the most impact. You have to remember that we can’t only consider people in the UK, or EU, it’s the whole world that needs to be reached and the worlds citizens asked for information on who these terrorists are and where they are. In many countries it’s not as simple as grabbing hold of a police officer or calling their counter terrorism hotline, because they don’t exist in the way we have come to accept in the West.

But what everyone Worldwide has access to is Media in one form or another, could be music, news, Facebook etc. so why don’t we see the media being used to the fullest?

A short Ad that could be 30 seconds long, shown before every News program (SKY, BBC) a few times over a 24 hour period. But, keep it running over the course of a month so that people get the chance to see and remember the Contact numbers to call or the Email address to write too.

Think about it, when was the last time a Counter Terrorism bulletin was shown on TV? I did see one the day after I contacted Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, funny that! but this was only shown on Sky News – why only Sky news you ask, No idea at all, such a waste of an opportunity to reach out and do it properly. But really, I’m grateful that something was put On-Air!

It wasn’t only the Met Commissioner I contacted, I also sent direct Emails to the PM, Home Office, Interpol (Twice) and even Angela Merkel. It was comforting when I got a reply, yes ONE reply, and even though it was very short, and didn’t  give any indication that my suggestion would be taken forward – it was still a reply.

So did I stop there? this is national security  we’re taking about remember, no, I had to also recently write to our 9 UK MEP’s  and no, I haven’t received any replies. Gives me a warm feeling to think I have something that might just be important to say, so I contact some of the most important people who are running our country and I get ONE reply! Gutted!!!

Tell me its a shit idea, Tell me its been done, Tell me to mind my own business!!

JUST TELL ME SOMETHING, Doesn’t what I have to say mean anything?