Did you ever speak frankly to the ones who mean the world to you. tell them how you actually feel about them, bet not, not really. not from the heart,  I’m no better because I’m guilty also.

So, I say to my family, all of you, you mean the world to me. Where would I be without my family around me?, when I say around me you need to imagine a few motorways and a couple of borders here and there and sometimes an ocean or two. We’re quite spread out now, but it doesn’t matter coz I still love you all no matter the distance between us. Soppy or what, so what, I’m 46 now and my brother’s and sister are in this era also. Mum & Dad, love you both so much and I hope you can say, or think to yourselves ‘I’m proud of my children, all four of them, because you should, we’ve turned out ok really and its all thanks to both of you. You’re values, principles, love and down right demand for respect for your elders has done us all a world of good.

So, now all your children are settled, have families and have given you both Grandsons and Daughters – even Great Grandsons & Daughters, and guess what, they have also have been learning the lessons you taught to us.

I have a very special beautiful daughter and a proper good-looking Son, Both mean the absolute earth to me, yes I tell them that I love all the time, but do they have any idea of just how much?, how the hell can you explain in words? you can’t!. So very proud of the adults they have grown up to be, and guess what Mum, Dad, it’s because of you, thank you.

Thank you