I started this blog to get things out of my head that have been occupying valuable space in there  for quite some time now. This is likely to be the first actual writing that I’ve done since leaving school in the mid 80’s, but I guess it’s never too late to start, even if I’m only typing it.

Main thing at the top of my list is the fact that too many people believe its ok to drive a motor vehicle on our roads without registering their vehicle or buying insurance, crazy or what, but I was reading only today that it’s believed there are currently 2 million motor vehicles on our roads that don’t have valid insurance. So what does society do to deal with this?, well!, UK legislation covers vehicles that are being used on UK roads and police can stop and seize them under the powers of the Road Traffic Act 1988 s165. So what if the police come across a stationary vehicle parked in a car park, or out side a high-rise building that is neither Registered or Insured and driver is not present? NOTHING!, crazy isn’t it, they don’t have the legal power to seize the vehicle because it’s not been seen being used on the road. This could be the local louts pool car, the local drug dealers get about or could even be parked in a high tourist location with something far more sinister lurking in the boot waiting to give everyone a life changing experience, point is we just don’t know what these vehicles will be used for. For sure they are technically unlawful, but apparently its legal as long as the car does not travel!, the more I think about this the harder I hit the keys on my Mac, sorry keyboard.

Did you know that if an Unregistered car parks in a councils car park and gets a ticket or even 10 tickets, what do you think happens, well let me tell you, the Council contact DVLA who then provides the registered keepers details. Council then waits for the fines to be paid, but when they don’t get settled the council then send correspondence to the registered keeper, have you made the link yet? There is no traceable keeper, simple to do really, just don’t tell DVLA you’ve just bought the car from your mate )Who didn’t register it either) So 10 PCN’s (Penalty Charge Notices) issued to a vehicle for not displaying a ticket in the window of his car and nothing will happen, but if you are a law-abiding citizen you WILL be TRACED and forced to pay up.

So now I think / hope the pennies dropped, I can here it – trust me.

So after leaving the car park you’re in a bit of a rush to get to your next criminal activity location, (you can decide what that is),  So you go for it putting the pedal to the metal all the way around the M25, then on to the M1 through the variable speed zones, and drive like you’re the only person on the road. This journey unfortunately has earned the vehicle 6 speeding fines for travelling at twice the legal limit, yes 140 mph! but guess what, it doesn’t matter, does it, the cars not registered to you, AHHHHHHH.

My next short example was going to be about a hit and run, failure to stop, child (Yours or mine or the neighbours) someones everything, their whole world, lying in the street! but I think you get the idea by now.

Why does our legal system allow for such loopholes to exist, this is the question that has plagued me for a long time so I started looking in to it by checking out Insurance companies procedures, UK legislation and asking many of my friends who are serving Police officers up and down the UK. Most surprising input from the Police is that when they stop a vehicle for any given reason the legal documentation checks only have to be up to date i.e. vehicle has MOT, is Taxed and is Insured. But more interestingly if the Insurance policy is checked with the issuing insurance company, and its stated to them that, ‘your insured person is not the legal keeper or owner’ they say or have said “its ok officer we will cover the driver on this occasion” get your head around that, totally doing my head in now and starting to get angry just writing this, therapeutic it’s not!!!!

So lets focus again, just had a coffee and feel I’m ready to write again,

NtO (Notice to Owner) is the legal way that any fines or penalties are issued. This can only be successful if people do the right thing and register their vehicles in their names. If they choose not to register the car then any correspondence from ANY authority will not reach their mail box.

Insurance companies do ask on an application for insurance ‘are you the legal keeper / registered owner’ simply saying yes at this stage does not mean anything because the insurance company do NOT have access to DVLA records. So insurance companies need to take the persons word for it that they are telling the truth. Bingo your now insured so when you next pass a Police car fitted with ANPR your vehicle will not alert them because your vehicle is technically lawfully (Taxed, MOT and Insured) so likely there is nothing to fear as they don’t have a reason to stop you.

My opinion on this, is that even though the vehicle is technically insured, this insurance was falsely obtained which is an offence and all insurance applications stipulate this when you buy a policy. So why can’t they see that their insured driver is actually lying and any claim on their insurance would not be settled because the policy was obtained deceitfully.

I want to try to do something to close this loophole which is why I have started a .Gov petition


This will allow Police to have the power to seize any motor vehicle which is not lawfully insured even if the vehicle is stationary and without a driver. Off course people can complete the SORN declaration which is fine and is lawfull. Issue are the people who just don’t want to be lawful and love to stick 2 fingers up at everyone else.

I’ve also invited BBC Watchdog to take on the Insurance companies in an attempt for them to have to liaise with DVLA for every policy that they sell to ensure keepers details match.

We have to get UnInsured cars off our roads because the only option for Police to do it, is to risk a chase with them, force them to stop, and in the process puts officers lives at risk as well as the public as a whole.

It’s just wrong!

Thanks for reading.